The Cafe and Diner


Located off of East Broadway and North Waite

Reservation required


Wednesday | 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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– The Cafe and Diner –

[ A Love affair with Coffee ]



Welcome to the historic Cafe and Diner

Yes, believe it or not, Long Beach’s famous Cafe and Diner is back and better than ever. We are serious about our coffee and seriously ready to serve some up. We have customers all over the world and they need to try our special blend of late nights, comfort foods, and good ol’ fashion home cooking. So stop on by if you’re in town, and make sure to tell your friends.


– Brewed Fresh Daily –

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Located off of East Broadway and North Waite.

Do not arrive without a reservation or invitation.  

Reservation process is currently limited.

7H10101061112: 10141191515

(For a +1 please call ahead)


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