Welcome to the

Cafe and Diner

Our job is to serve you the best possible cup of coffee we can. If you aren’t satisfied with your coffee, it’s on us.

We take great pride in our diverse customers and their diverse needs and we implore you to check out our customers.

Perhaps you’re looking for something else? You might find it in our special reserves.

Employees, servers, and special patrons please sign in to the staff log-in page to access more sensitive information. Passwords will be distributed on a rotating basis.


History of the Cafe and Diner

The Cafe and Diner opened in 1991 and burned down in 1999. It was reopened a few months later to much turmoil and was shut down again in 2003. The Cafe and Diner was brought back in 2018 and has been open since with a few re-brandings.


Cafe and Diner Code of Conduct

  1. No socks, no shoes, no sunglasses, no service.

  2. We park cars as needed.

  3. Too much salt spoils the stew.

  4. We know they know.

  5. They know we know.

  6. No question is a bad question.

  7. Most answers are bad answers.



Located off of East Broadway and North Waite.

Do not arrive without a reservation or invitation.

Reservation process is currently limited.


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